At the brewery gates within one hour!

Our fridge filled with Local Heroes holds fabulous, beautiful and most importantly tasty beers that are brewed locally. The idea: you should be able to drive up to the gates of the brewery within one hour. From Flemmish Limburg to North Brabant, seasonal and above all else delicious

Will you come inside and view are selection?
You can always as our colleagues for their favourite.

Fresh & Fruity

This classic of the Beerze Brewery is a true
summer pleaser. This family owned brewery in Vessem has
a special way of brewing things: they do not
add anything to their beers. The sweet notes come
solely from the malts used. The addition of wheat to
the Classic creats a hint of sour, which makes this landbeer
refreshing and light.

BRASSERIE {C} - CRUSH fruit beer
The men and women of Curtius Brewery in
Liege have made a surprising blend of white beer
and cherry juice. The hint of sour cherry and wheat makes
this a joy for the thirsty and lovers of sweet delights.
Do you have a crush already?

GRAIN d'ORGE - THE POM apple blonde
Do you love a cider, but prefer a little bit
more uumph? The POM is to your liking. Based on a blond
beer and enriched with fresh geen apples,
this beer crosses every boundry compared to a classic cider.